Not all building contractors are the same, and the success of your commercial building project lies solely on the skills and expertise of the contractor you choose.

Fortunately, a strategic process can aid you in choosing the commercial building contractor that is the right fit for your project.

What Does a Commercial Building Contractor Oversee?

Commercial building contractors oversee the planning, construction and remodeling of buildings with commercial purposes, such as malls, hotels, hospitals and stores. Typically this involves managing the projects, hiring subcontractors and communicating with the client about major objectives.

Being a commercial building contractor requires a depth of knowledge regarding architectural design, building codes, zoning regulations and basic construction elements, but that is only half of it. Outside of simply being knowledgeable and experienced in their field, contractors are required to possess a host of other qualifications.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Building Contractor

Choosing the right commercial building contractor could mean the difference between a commercial building that aligns with your vision or one that falls short. That is why it is important to go through all the critical stages of vetting commercial contractors.

1. Assess the Bids

You will receive many commercial construction bids on your project, which are essentially project proposals that outline accurate timeframes and costs. The right bid for your project is the one that best aligns with your objectives and constraints. 

2. Check Licenses

Commercial building contractors have to maintain compliance with the required federal and state certifications and licensing. Without this, they are not able to be insured, which comes with a large liability for you. On top of the liability, it is illegal. Additionally, it is important to assess how much expertise and experience the commercial building contractor has under their belt. Constructing a commercial building is a particularly high-stakes project, so you will want a contractor with vast experience constructing buildings with the same purpose as yours.

3. Communication

The right commercial building contractor will maintain superb communication with their clients so that they can successfully construct the commercial building that seamlessly fits the client’s needs. This includes intentional planning techniques and effective and efficient project management practices that keep the client informed.

4. Review References

Nothing will give you better insurance that you are making the right choice than by hearing from others that have worked with your potential commercial building contractor before. In most cases, the contractor will have case studies, testimonials or photo galleries that showcase the successful completion of past commercial projects.

5. Analyze Their Compatibility with Goals

Every commercial construction project has a plethora of goals and objectives that must be met. A large part of what determines the success of the outcome is how well the commercial building contractor will be able to meet those goals, and ideally, exceed them. Take a look at their past body of work for any indicators that they will execute your goals, or ask about their values. Ideally, there will be an emphasis on having an approach that ensures that they meet client goals.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right commercial building contractor is critical in securing the success of your commercial project. At Hanto & Clarke, we have dedicated years of service to effectively checking off all of the checkboxes of an outperforming commercial building contractor. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed industry standards in providing commercial building contract services. If you are in the market for a commercial building contractor for your commercial building project, allows us to show you why we meet the mark by contacting us today.