When constructing a hotel, the first person to keep in mind, besides the client, is the future customer. Doing so can aid in answering critical questions along the way such as: how can the customer get the most out of this space? Does this area contribute to an outstanding experience? How does this design affect customer mood? And other critical questions that drive the bottom line.

Optimizing hotel construction means executing a specific approach that ensures the complete success of any project – while capitalizing on the unique needs of each.

1. Research and Education

The research and education phase of hotel development allows the collection of all the data needed to successfully execute the project. No stone goes unturned in this phase, as information is gathered regarding:

  • Client vision
  • Brand values and standards
  • Location and competitor data
  • Customer data
  • Material information
  • And more.

It is in this phase that the hotel developers become experts of the vision, the brand, and its customers so they can begin to conceptualize construction projects that will capitalize on all areas.

2. Conceptualization

Once adequate data and information are gathered and analyzed for key insight, conceptualizing how the project will be brought to life can begin. This phase heavily focuses on merging construction expertise with the client’s vision and expectations for the outcome. Once construction concepts are nailed down, planning the approach can begin.

3. Strategic Approach

At Hanto & Clarke, we pride ourselves on executing a thorough approach that has specifically outlined every facet of a hotel construction project.

We have taken the time to perfect our strategic approach with a design-build strategy that has been proven to drive favorable results that competitors cannot match. In this phase, we ensure our process will contribute to an outcome that produces fluid, consistent operations. Once we are confident that we have laid out a strategy outlining an efficient process toward an optimal outcome, we begin building.

4. Project Management Milestones

The process, and how projects come to fruition, is equally as important as the outcome. That is why it is important to practice intentional planning with project management milestones and key performance indicators that keep projects on track and running smoothly.

In this phase, there are a few key objectives that must be met including:

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Timeliness
  • Precision
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Without meeting these core objectives, you run the risk of putting workers at risk, falling behind on timelines or producing faulty or low-quality work. All of which does not contribute to the successful completion of a hotel construction project, and in fact, can be a significant liability for both the construction company and the client.

5. Completion & Assessment

Checks and balances are an important part of any project, and it is always important to assess the final result. Not just to make last-minute fixes (though the strategic phase should prevent that) but also to ensure that every facet of the project matches up with its initial concept.

Gauging the success of a project relies on assessing a few key success indicators such as:

  • Client satisfaction: Does the outcome align with the initial expectation?
  • Building quality: Does every facet of the building align with the objectives of its concept?
  • Contributions to operation: How well does this building contribute to the critical objectives of daily operations?
  • Customer experience: Does the building optimize customer experience?

The initial phases of hotel development are meant to prevent the answers to these crucial questions from being anything but positive.

6. Continual Maintenance and Service

A construction company’s job never stops upon completion. Because they are the ones that brought the building to life, they have a duty to ensure that it stands the test of time. Therefore, they should always be on standby should a client ever need anything in relation to the building’s construction.

Bottom Line

The stages of hotel development are meant to ensure a smooth, efficient process that produces optimal outcomes. That is why every phase is equally as critical as the next.

The best way to ensure your hotel development project effectively embodies all of the key elements needed for success is to contact Hanto & Clarke. At Hanto & Clarke Construction, we are dedicated to effectively optimizing our approach to hotel construction projects. We know exactly how to execute your project so it is nothing short of successful.