It’s no secret that pre-engineered metal buildings (PMBs or PEMBs) have been a staple for industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, and aviation, for years. As time goes on, and as more industries are looking for more efficient, cost-effective, and dynamic structural options, the PMB is becoming more popular. Not just as a storage or production site, but as a legitimate means of construction for a variety of different purposes.

What is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

The PMB is precisely what it sounds like: a multi-functional structure made of prefabricated metal. Typically, the structure consists of two general elements: a steel frame, and a metal roof. What makes them so unique, and what’s increasing the traction of their footing in commercial construction, is their dynamic design and efficiency. PMBs allow builders to side-step many necessities found in traditional construction, which makes them a viable alternative when erecting a new structure. 

Perhaps one of their most notable features is that they allow complete flexibility with their interior. The main purveyor of the building can construct the inside precisely based on the unique needs of the new establishment. 

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

As stated, the traditional structure of a PMB consists of a steel frame and metal roof, with little to no internal construction. This is seen as a huge advantage for building owners, as it provides limitless options for internal configuration. PMBs offer custom layout options based on their primary functions, and it doesn’t stop there. They can even be configured with expandable end walls, which allows them to be repurposed over time for different uses.  

Exteriors of PMBs have their benefits as well, offering materials and aesthetics that allow the building to mimic that of traditional construction. In a modern era, where metallic elements are favorable characteristics, you see a lot of exterior design that pairs the metal of the building with other favorable elements such as brick, wood, or stone. Or the metallic elements can be covered completely. The outdoor aesthetic works especially well with retail or restaurant spaces, where the brand has a modern, edgy, contemporary or up-scale feel. 

Disadvantages of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings 

Disadvantages of PMBs rely heavily on their manufacturer. Despite that they’re a cost-effective option in general, the cheaper the price usually means that they’re made of cost-cutting materials. Many manufacturers may offer super cost-effective structures, but to ensure you’re receiving all the benefits provided by PMBs, it’s best to fully explore the material and make sure that they’re made of 26-gauge steel. 

Is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building Right for You? 

There are a few different factors that will determine whether a PMBs is right for your project.  


Take a good look at the emerging building trends within your industry. If it seems like there is a greater abundance of PMBs, or if it looks like there are very few, it will be helpful to consult your builder on why either may be the case. 


Simply put, PMBs are a very cost-effective option. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options for your construction project, then a PMB may be the right choice, provided the options you’re looking at are cost-effective but also hold necessary value. You won’t want to go with a lower-quality option simply because the price is good. 

Design & Flexibility 

If the purpose of your construction project warrants a dynamic, diverse internal configuration to meet your specific needs, a PMB may be your best choice. 

Project Duration 

Side-stepping a lot of the customary steps necessary in traditional construction can save huge chunks of project time. Since time is money, a PMB will save you both. 

Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility are essential in commercial construction, and PMBs hit all the marks. Outside of their flexible design and cost-effectiveness, they offer benefits such as sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, and weather-resistance. You’ll see PMB churches, schools, retail spaces, restaurants, breweries, medical offices, and more.  

If you’re considering a pre-engineered metal building for your project and want to explore your best options, call Hanto & Clarke, LLC to request a quote or to schedule an estimate from our experienced team of licensed contractors and builders.